Remember 228: A Call for Action for American Citizens

Each year, February 28th marks the anniversary of the tragic 1947 “228” massacre which ignited a dark period in Taiwan’s history. This year, on the 69th anniversary, American Citizens for Taiwan invites our fellow Americans to join us in remembering what transpired on February 28, 1947, and stand-up for Taiwan, a nation of 23 million people whose fledgling democracy is threatened.


The events and aftermath of 228 are rarely taught or spoken about, even among the Taiwanese families who experienced it firsthand. Even as Americans who are friends or relatives of Taiwanese people in America, we may have not heard much about 228. It may even come as a surprise to learn that the U.S. was involved in acts of mass suppression in Taiwan during the post-WWII era for fear that communism could spread from China to other parts of Asia. It was in this context that an estimated 10,000 to 30,000, or even more, Taiwanese were massacred. Those who survived were forbidden to speak out during the ensuing 40-year period of martial law under a single-party regime, aided by the U.S. and lasting until 1987.

remembering228.jpgAs Americans today, we are not responsible for the atrocities of 228, but we are responsible for choosing to maintain the silence or choosing to speak out now. This week, we ask you to join us in raising your voice and staying alert on the actions we can take collectively as Americans to protect Taiwan’s democracy. Together, we will remember 228 and make sure the U.S. never allows the people of Taiwan to be silenced again.

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