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    Sunflower Roots

    The Sunflower Movement, a mix of student and civic groups that began occupying Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, similar to the U.S. Congress, on March 18, began as a reaction to the Cross-Straight Services Trade Agreement (CSSTA). This was a follow-on agreement from the ECFA agreement implemented previously between Taiwan and China. This ECFA agreement has not brought the kind of economic benefits that the government claimed, making the Taiwanese public doubtful about claims that the Service Trade Agreement was a benefit.

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  • Remember 228: A Call for Action for American Citizens

    Each year, February 28th marks the anniversary of the tragic 1947 “228” massacre which ignited a dark period in Taiwan’s history. This year, on the 69th anniversary, American Citizens for Taiwan invites our fellow Americans to join us in remembering what transpired on February 28, 1947, and stand-up for Taiwan, a nation of 23 million people whose fledgling democracy is threatened.

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  • Taiwan's Importance to America's Economy

    Taiwan is hugely important as an export destination for the United States, hundreds of thousands of jobs rely on these exports and a strong relationship with Taiwan. Strong relations and a trade agreement with Taiwan would mean even more exports, and more jobs. Take a look at these visual charts to understand the impact exports to Taiwan has.

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