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Taiwan's Military

Representative Don Bacon [R, NE-02], an Air Force veteran and retired Brigadier General, and member of the House Armed Services Committee, introduced the H.R. 5680 Taiwan Defense Assessment Commission Act, on May 7, 2018.

Rep. Don BaconThe bill would establish a commission under the Department of Defense that would ensure that the U.S. is actively maintaining its commitments to improve Taiwan’s self-defense capability, and is abiding by the urgings of the recently passed Taiwan Travel Act.

In addition enhancing cooperation and maintaining sales of defense articles and services, the bill asserts that the U.S. should continue joint military training and exchange between senior level officials as outlined in previous NDAA legislation. U.S. officials would be instructed to provide “regular consultation and advice to Taiwan on other matters that will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, readiness and resilience of Taiwan’s defense establishment.”

The Commission would provide assessment of Taiwan’s national defense capability and recommendations for Taiwan’s government in seven key areas of:

  • Strategic planning and resource management
  • Personnel management and force development
  • Joint operational planning and assessment
  • Military readiness measurement and assessment
  • Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • Technology research and development
  • Defense article procurement and logistics

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