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    Open Washington Doors to Taiwan Official Visits

    Whenever high-level visitors from democratic Taiwan seek to come to Washington, the doors remain sadly closed, this needs to change. Despite a non-binding "sense of Congress" resolution in each session of Congress that urged lifting the then-and-still-current U.S. policy barring top Taiwan officials from visiting Washington, the doors have not opened at all. Yet the U.S. does welcome ''non-elected'' leaders from Beijing to routinely visit, rolling out the red carpet and receiving them to the White House with fanfare.
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    On the Trump-Tsai Phone Call Controversy - My Taiwanese-American Perspective and Plea for Progressive Support

    As a dual citizen of the United States and Taiwan, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last few days contextualizing for my American friends the controversy behind Donald Trump’s recent call with President Tsai Ing-Wen of Taiwan. I have found that many otherwise progressive allies and journalists have been unintentionally or ignorantly parroting pro-Beijing talking points in the course of criticizing Trump. These are people who would otherwise proudly proclaim, “Free Tibet,” “Free Palestine,” and “Black Lives Matter.” We need more progressive voices in support of Taiwan. If you care about democracy and human rights, then I urge you to become a friend of Taiwan as well.
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