Because Taiwan matters to the United States, 

and the United States matters to Taiwan



We are United States citizens who care deeply for our country and the ideals it was founded on, freedom and democracy. While firstly supporting these ideals at home, we realize America cannot effectively stand alone as a democracy in this world; we must join hands with other peoples who hold fast and defend those same ideals.



Taiwan’s democracy is important to United States' own democracy, security, and economy. We believe the U.S. Government should be fully supportive of Taiwan’s right to self-determination. This right is under attack by those who would gain by weakening both America and Taiwan's freedoms and security.




ACT monitors news, as well as United States government and Congressional actions regarding Taiwan. We keep people informed via email, website, and social media posting. We are most active in Twitter.

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Articles to help you understand why Taiwan matters to the United States, and the United States matters to Taiwan.

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